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Construction Management Risk Services:

Eliminate setbacks by enhancing insight. Avoid costly delays and disruptions prior to commencement by working with a Strategist to manage your risk while carrying out your project mission.  We have the expertise to execute in construction improvements and tasks in highly complex and high profile working environments.  We support our client throughout the entire process to make informed decisions and work productively toward completion of their projects.

Strategist provide construction risk management and claims mitigation by identifying issues, exercising the utmost candor and professionalism to induce sound decision-making throughout the construction process. We conduct risk assessments from the outset of our engagement on construction projects so that our clients understand the nature of potential disruptions.  We also suggest the mitigating steps to eliminate the potential disruptions we uncover.

  • Construction Management (Owner Rep

Monitoring the means and methods to manage performance and track process takes experience and familiarity with the construction process. Our experienced professionals implement effective communication, leadership, and solution-driven support to our partners throughout the life of th project to ensure delivery and closure is sustained as the primary focus of the team.

Strategist’s project support services are comprehensive and all-encompassing. Consequently, our services can be supportive to the multiple players of the construction process including owners, contractors, engineers, architects, LEED professionals, and legal professionals, and the complex issues they encounter throughout the construction process. In short, from commencement to closure, we can provide comprehensive leadership and management.

  • Constructibility Reviews

Constructability reviews aim to identify logistical issues with design elements that are cost-prohibitive and/or impractical to build per the design.  Our reviews take into account safety, environmental, access & existing conditions, quality, schedule and cost.

  • Monthly Progress Reporting

We analyze the job and provide a sample report that communicates the actual activities as to budget, cost, schedule, safety, quality, change orders, outstanding inquiries, and provide executive summary and narrative explaining issues, concerns, and future developments.

  • Progress Payment & Schedule Reviews

Our progress payment and updated-schedule reviews come with a line item narrative explaining our approvals, denials, or requests for more information as to the actual progress of the project versus the necessary expenditures to cover the activities ‘performed to date’. We walk the site and verify the existence of work in place and associated approvals from inspectors as to compliance if required. We also inquire as to the status of required lien waivers and any other contracted-for deliverables (e.g, safety reports, LEED reports, inspection reports, etc.,) that should accompany each payment request.

  • Training Construction Management Staff

Because it is our goal to support our clients’ success, we will provide training services to professionals that could use a more refined approach towards the construction process and the required skills for issue spotting and solving.

  • Staff Augmentation

Strategist also support clients thru staff augmentation services whereby we provide cost-effective professional team members as an extension of the client’s organization as their projects require.  We can provide staff Augmentation support for the life of a project or to achieve critical milestones.

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